India:The Biggest Exporter of Corrugated Box Making Machines

Biggest Exporter of Corrugated Box Making Machines

It is a much-known fact that India is amongst the biggest manufacturers in the world, with clocking a year on year industrial growth of a little over six percent. But, there is another achievement that it has added to its kitty, being the biggest exporter of corrugated Box making Machines.

As you guys may already know everything that goes into making a corrugated box making machine, and the fact that they are basically machines which produce the ever present packaging boxes.

What makes it the biggest exporter?

Firstly, it could be the cheap availability of the raw materials that goes into creating such machine. Due to the manufacturer’s closeness to the raw material producing plants, getting your hands on the materials may cost you less, transportation wise.

Cheap Labor

Secondly, another reason could be the cheap availability of labor, it is much to the dismay of the government that even after setting up stringent labor laws in the guise of the minimum wages act, these rules are flouted with impunity. And, the laborers are made to work in horrible conditions and are paid pennies for the work derived from them.  Here is a video outlining the cheap labor available in India.

Thirdly, due to the stringent competition that the country faces in this industrial sector, the product has to be priced competitively, this price may, in fact, be way lower than international prices, this would result in all the customers buying it from Indian firms.

Fourthly, Quality could also be the reason behind such a tremendous growth, the saying “bang for the buck” may be well applicable in such a condition, if you sell a product cheaper than the competition and also make it well, you would have hordes of people trying to buy it!

Fifthly, the prices may also be low due to the mass production value of the product in India, if we are to coalesce all the above factors and take them into consideration as one like cheap labor, raw material availability, easy transportation then the machines could be produced at a rapid pace, more the machines the higher the money earned! It’s as simple as that.

India isn’t known the world over for its industrial prowess as compared to other mega developed nations, it is hard to believe for the people that Indians could do anything other than BPO jobs, but, turns out they are in fact great at producing corrugated box making machines. As they say, you learn something new every day no matter how trivial, there you have your nugget of information for today, have a pleasant day!


An Overview About Corrugated Box Making Machines

Corrugated Box Making Machines

Boxes are the basic necessity to carry out any type of packing, and since they don’t fall from thin air they have to be produced! This is where corrugated Box Machines come into the picture, they are employed into action to create boxes of any kind or size, based on the customer’s requirement. They could be massive boxes that could encompass a wide plethora of things or your small delivery boxes, the ones that you get your deliveries in!

The principle behind it?

The main assembly line could broadly be divided into four parts.

  • The input line, the part where sheets are provided to the machine.
  • The printing unit, the part where the design is drawn on the box, based on the customer’s requirement.
  • The slotting unit, the part where the edges are squared to perfection, no one wants to buy a badly fashioned box, after all!
  • The folding unit, To fold the boxes into the shape of your choosing.

And, then pasting is done on the box to afford reliability and longevity to it.

What do manufacturers look for when buying the corrugated Box making machines?

Beyond the economic aspect, there are many things to consider while buying such machines. Like what is the set up time for a corrugated box making machine, if the manufacturer employs and creates boxes of many different sizes it is important to him that the machine could be made to work on a different stage as quick as possible, the longer it take to re-setup the machine, the more wasted production hours the manufacturer has to contend with.

Life of the Machines

So, how long does a corrugated box making machine last? Then the Longevity of the machine, if a machine breaks down one too often, it may not be the one manufacturers would be looking for, the use of high-quality materials while constructing such machines may take care of this aspect of production. After all, a customer deserves premium quality product after paying such a high price for such machinery!

The machine should also be easily able to adapt to the needs of the user, which mostly comprises of a machine that could go from making boxes of one shape and size to that of a completely different shape and size, which should be done at the quickest of speeds. After all, every extra hour wasted during the production process would cost the manufacturer dearly.

The corrugated box making machines are a work of art, they have made boxes omnipresent for the consumers. Aiding the consumers in moving away from environment unfriendly means of packaging. And, have also boosted the growth of packaging sector.